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Review | ADHM : Entertainment in full swing but it's not a Love-saga | [ ★ ★ ★ / 5 ]

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is actually NOT a love story, or sort-of love-triangle thing. On the contrary it is 'One-sided Love Throb'. Remarkably this is the case with all the four characters ( Ayan Sanger, Alizeh Khan, Ali, Saba Taliyar Khan ). The bond between Ayan and Alizeh is beautifully build through very normal, light yet impactful moments. Those starting 40-45 minutes of the first half  is very quirky and full-on entertaining. Where fun angle is more in first half because of that tone of the movie, there is more mature and sufi touch ( at-least they try ) to the second half with real good dialogues ( which sometimes go very philosophical too ). Except Alizeh the other characters are very plain and, even lacks depthness such as of Saba's. Over-dramatisation is made out of the attempt when making intense a situation. Definitely as audience you will connect with the film but won't feel much for the characters.


Performance wise Anushka Sharma is ingeniously natural and entices her each screen presence. We see in her the potential of next DHARMA Heroine. Ranbir Kapoor has delievered quite well that was expected from him. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's grace presence made felt but she was little over the board in bold scenes. Fawad Khan was like the cherry on top, he was exotic and flawless except the 'Cutiepie' song where he takes an Indian wedding dancing very serious. Guest appearences by SRK, Alia Bhatt are just okay.


Visuals are always the high point of a Dharma movie and with ADHM being beautifully shot  and captured  (London and Vienna), it gives a paisa-wasool feel. Kudos to Cinemotography, Set-Design, Costume, Make-Up and Art Departments.


Dialogues are the takeaways from the film that even SRK's small duration got few great shayara one liners, but at times get over the top. One of the problems is with the screenplay be it repitition of few scenes or extensity to good portions or overuse of reference to old movies or the climax itself. Editing could have been better. The direct disadvantage is felt with movie's duration and loose in direction towards the end of the film including the stretched climax and cliched twist of destiny. Background Score for such a movie needed a lot more though the songs are decently used. Music is the plus point of the film and when come they uplift the mood.


Opinion : It's a sure one entertaining Dharma movie where chances of getting sentimental is likely. We definitely recommend it but don't expect a saga.

We rate ADHM ★ ★ ★ out  of 5.


[ Article by Altamash ]


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ADHM crosses ₹100cr Worldwide : Big Jump on Monday! Holding Well on Tuesday!

Dil Hai Mushkil makes ₹121cr Gross Worldwide in straight 4 days thanks to the fantastic biz. that came from the Overseas market over the weekend. Though the weekend in India wasn't that great but ₹35.6cr opening weekend against 2500 screens was still a healthy one when the pre-Diwali phase is considered. The collection went down significantly on the day of Diwali, almost by 30%, but the day next to Diwali proven to be terrific, which happens to be its first weekday also. The jump in Mass Centres, where ADHM could not do well, was big & the multiplexes showed again good jump but less than that of single screens because it was already good there from the Opening Day.


Collectively this made ADHM Monday collection, ₹15.75cr, the All Time 6th Highest. At Overseas the film took the 9th Highest Opening of All Time, $6.15m. It has been best in UAE, $2m, then in US/Canada, $2.1m. UK and Australia poured $0.73m and $0.4m respectively. After 4 days, ADHM Overseas stands at $6.55m / ₹43.72cr and it will be the best grossing Non-Khan movie there in recent times.


On Tuesday, in India, the film is holding well and benefiting from the Partial Holiday till the evening shows are concerned. So fall in occupancy for Night and Late Night Shows may restrict the flow but still a double digit may come-in for the day.


Posted by - Altamash

ADHM Trending Good : ₹13.30cr Opening Day and Holding Well on Day2 in Multiplexes

Despite the Pre-Diwali phase and strong hold of Shivaay at Single Screens, the kind of Initial that ADHM took on Friday stopped every negative speculations around it. ADHM has taken edges over Shivaay when overall biz. is concerned.


The Mass Pockets like : Rajasthan, CP Berar, CI, Bihar are low though few centres in UP are doing well. But again it was never expected very much from this markets, and gradually these markets will improve as the Word-Of-Mouth is NOT negative. ADHM is doing great in metros like : NIzam, Andhra, Mysore, MUmbai and Delhi.


Today, on the 2nd Day, the film is holding very well. At few places where there is minimal dip in collection, there is slight growth at others. Overall the film is at par level of the Opening Day. The Official First Day Opening figure for Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is ₹13.30