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Review | SHIVAAY : A Visual Diwali Treat But Miserably Fails at Entertainment Value | [ ★★ / 5 ]


A film that has been in the making for 2 years, Shivaay has had a few things in its favour right from the start. An overwhelmingly positive response to the posters and trailers and a favourable release date have proven to be a good scenario for the makers. All said and done, Shivaay is one of the biggest releases of 2016 and has a lot riding on it. Thanks to a fantastic trailer, there are quite a few expectations the audiences have from the film ; so does Shivaay deliver? Does Ajay Devgn handle the film well? Most importantly, despite all the controversies, does Shivaay manage to hold its own against Ae Dil Hai Mushkil?



Shivaay has a very average first half, while the second half is a bit better. The problem with Shivaay is the emotional portions that don’t strike a chord with the audience at all. It is in the last 10-15 mins of the first half the the film really takes off, for this is where an action sequence takes place. The second half appears better than the first simply because there is more action involved.

Shivaay is stunning movie in terms of locations. From the very first scene, you’re left in awe of the snow capped peakes of the Himalayas (shot in Bulgaria). The cinematography is simply outstanding. These departments had a tough job on their hands, and they’ve done it outstandingly well. The songs Darkhaast and Har Har Bolo make impact on the listeners, but  again Har Har Bolo has been overused.

The storyline is decent. The film wavers from logic on many occasions. The editing is plain bad. While the first half could have been trimmed, the second half sees some scenes ending very abruptly. The screenplay is such a messed-up that few sequences make fool outta itself. Dialogues lack any soul.

The story reminds the audiences of other movies like ‘Taken’, ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ and ‘Rocky Handsome’ at certain points.

The production values of Shivaay are excellent. The film has been mounted on a lavish scale, and that clearly shows, for the film has an international feel to it. If anything makes Shivaay bearable, it is the action sequences. The action is simply mind blowing for an Indian movie, and does raise the bar for Indian films. If anything can help Shivaay in striking a chord with the core Mass audience, it is the action sequences. But again these action and chasing sequences sometimes get so stretched that audience loose the interest.

As far as Ajay Devgn is concerned, he does a decent job as both Actor-Director. He makes his mistakes in both. He deserves all the plaudits for taking such efforts in making this film.

Among the rest of the starcast, Girish Karnad conducts himself with grace. Vir Das is wasted. Sayessha does okay.Saurabh Shukla has a small role and he does it fine. Erika Kaar and Abigail Eames support Ajay Devgn pretty well especially Abigail Eames,she is delight at emotional scenes.



Shivaay is a fair watch for action lovers. For a regular moviegoer, Shivaay has big production values, action sequences and locations, but lacks entertainment value. A film which will be majorly enjoyed by the core Mass audience and the single screen audiences!


 ★★  – For fans of Ajay Devgn and Action Junkies


Written by Aditya | Edited by Altamash ]

Shivaay First and Second Dialogue Promos

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